A new partner and a shared identity: introducing 9altitudes

  • 21/01/2022

Even during these pandemic times, the combined group around Ad Ultima, Pylades and Cayentis keeps growing. 
Together with international investment company Waterland, we are very pleased to announce a new addition to the group: Danish Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Optimate!

Danish firm Optimate reinforces the 9altitudes DNA

Optimate joined the new combined group on January 28th, 2020. The Danish firm was founded in 2004, employs 80 people and has over 5 locations in Denmark. They call themselves an atypical consulting company who is ready to step in when other competitors wave the white flag and give-up. Very customer centric and true challengers by nature who share sector expertise and business focus with the rest of the group.

“We believe that the  digitalization of business processes is one of the keys to our customers’ success. We always consider the consequences of onboarding new customers and projects. We are not afraid of saying no, if it affects our existing customers.”

Sector expertise, trusted advisor and a fast enabler with a sharp eye on future trends

This collaboration fits perfectly within the group’s strategy of dedicated focus areas. The 9altitudes group stands for a solid sector expertise in manufacturing and other areas, such as professional services, advanced logistics, installation services and member organizations.

Besides ERP, IoT & PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), the group has in-depth knowledge of CRM, DMS (Document Management System) and Business Analytics. The philosophy of the combined group is to be a long-term partner based on world class proven platforms of Microsoft and PTC

The type of partner that is always that extra step ahead in guiding clients in their digital transformation journeys.

European market trends such as Industry 4.0, Professional Services 2.0 and the subscription economy are closely monitored and translated into new digital innovation initiatives – Augmented Reality, Smart Connected Products,… - to truly help customers move to the next level.

More info about the companies in the combined group:

  • Hillstar Business Solutions&BIRDS - www.hillstar.nl / www.birds.bi
  • Ad Ultima Group – www.adultimagroup.com
  • Add-IT Software Solutions - www.add-it.nl
  • Admiral Dynamics – www.admiraldynamics.com
  • Bredana Solutions - www.bredanasolutions.dk
  • Cayentis – www.cayentis.nl
  • Optimate – www.optimateas.com
  • Pylades – www.pylades.com
  • Econocap Denmark – www.econocap.dk

“Change is an inevitable part of a successful enterprise in the 21st century. Change is not easy and most of the time quite challenging. But one thing is certain: change is a chance to do (even) better and an opportunity to reinvent yourself.”

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