Why 9A specific solutions and methodology matter to your business

  • 25/02/2021

To make sure that we can offer end to end solutions tailored to our focus industries and our customer’s needs we combine and extend world class proven platforms from our partners Microsoft and PTC with best of breed industry solutions, best practices and horizontal solutions.

But even with the wide range of many successful 3rd party tools that are available on the market, we noticed early on that for our focus industries customers could not benefit from a real end to end solution, without lots of customizations or implementing workarounds that caused a less than ideal solution for these customers. That’s why, based on our years of industry expertise, we started building several own IP products that have become essential parts of the end to end vertical suites that 9altitudes offers.

All our products are maintained by expert consultants whose job it is to make sure that these products constantly evolve based on what’s happening in the market and what our customers are providing as feedback. We continuously invest in adding innovating technologies and features to stay ahead of the competition.

Because of our partnerships with both PTC and Microsoft we cannot only build unique own IP that combines and integrates products from both vendors (such as our Windchill PLM – Dynamics ERP integration), but we’re also involved in several programs that make sure that we’re always well aware of what’s happening with the products that we’re integrating with. This means that we can adapt our products in advance without customers having to worry about the constantly changing cloud platforms of these partners.

We distinguish 3 categories of own IP that is being developed at 9altitudes:

Best of breed industry own IP:

These products are built for specific industries and tackle very specific needs that the customers in our focus industries can very much relate to. Some examples: 9A (Advanced) Manufacturing; 9A Construction Services Management for customers; 9A Membership Management;…

Best practices:

Preconfigured data, documentation, training materials,… to make sure we can start our projects faster, but preserving quality, standardize processes at our customers based on our expertise and demonstrate quick results to our customers.

Horizontal solutions:

Products that can be used in a wide range of industries and provide added value in domains such as Business Intelligence (9A Smart Insights), Document Management (9A Document Management), system health (9A Performance & Quality Management),…

Diederick Hallynck

Go To Market Director

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