Output Management for Dynamics AX – a valuable part of your business.

Document management without the need of development

Kramp has used 9A Document Creation & Distribution for more than a decade now. The solution is able to automate the processes of document distribution and management. The solution was implemented in a couple of days and manages approx. 250,000 documents a month for the company.

Kramp's benefits from the collaboration:

Less administrative costs when the processes are automated
A flexible solution with minimal downtime
Uniform communication with every customer

When Kramp switched their ERP solution to Dynamics AX, the standard Dynamics AX could not meet their requirements for Output Management. 9A Document Creation & Distribution could, and they have been using it for more than a decade. Kramp wanted a solution that could automate the output management processes. Dynamics AX standard did not have the desired automation capabilities.


"We spoke to our AX-consultants, and they recommended us looking into 9A Document Creation & Distribution”.

The choice of the module was a 'no-brainer' as the alternative - a number of manual processes and associated adjustments in Dynamics AX - was never considered. After the choice was made, implementation took only a few days.

"Super easy implementation. We contacted 9altitudes and they pointed out a consultant and within a few days the module was implemented".

Quick implementation - great business value

After an introduction to 9A Document Creation & Distribution, Kramp quickly became self-driven. Today, Kramp handles app. 250,000 prints monthly through the solution, and the value of 9A Document Creation & Distribution is unmistakable. One of the benefits of 9A Document Creation & Distribution, which Kramp appreciates, is the ability to easily make changes without the need of a developer.

"What we see as one of the great strengths of 9A Document Creation & Distribution,is that we can make changes in just a few minutes - without development in Dynamics AX".

About Kramp

Kramp supplies spare parts for the farming industry throughout Europe and are represented in +20 countries. 

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