9A Product Dimensions

9A Product Dimensions is a module for companies that are actively working with dimensions and recording product characteristics.

“Same item number, but different item”

How do you register items and changes to product features? How do you easily find products? How do you gain insight into current stocks?

These questions, can be hard to answer, if your product is stored on a roll. But with 9A Product Dimensions, you get the tools you need to answer these.

9A Product Dimensions is a solution for production and trading companies where dimensions and product characteristics play a role. This solution provides functionality for sales, purchasing, inventory management, planning & production and shipping. With 9A Product Dimensions you can record the desired dimensions and product characteristics in all these business processes.

And not just capturing. You get specific stock information at the touch of a button. Within seconds you will know whether you can meet a customer request. You can easily select batches from your stock. Not only the whole units, but also items with modified specifications. You also have track & trace functionality. Our solution flawlessly traces all item variations back to the source.

Examples of what 9A Product Dimension will enable you to:

Make calculations based on formulas

You can define formulas based on attributes as e.g. specific weight, length, width and height.

Get a stock overview

If you are working with stocks stored on roles, it can be challenging to know how much you have left - but not with 9A Product Dimensions

Minimize cutting losses

The solution provides you with cutting order management, so you can take cutting losses into account.

Get extensive tracking

You'll be able to track and trace on individual batch level, so that you are aware of that is used where, and in which quantities.

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