Use REST to extend the life of your Dynamics AX

Optimize your business processes with combined digital solutions

New technologies are constantly being added, just as existing technology is evolving - the world is simply not standing still. If you have a Dynamics AX, you probably know that it is no longer under development by Microsoft. But that does not mean that your ERP solution can not keep up with developments anyway. One of the things that has developed in the last few years is, for example, that many "IT solutions" have started to communicate in a new language - it is called something as literal as REST.

In short, REST is the way in which IT systems today talk to each other (for example in relation to, integrations) - but REST is not something your Dynamics AX supports out of the box. It is important for you if you are thinking of "tying" external IT systems together with your Dynamics AX - because it can lead to a lot of development and adjustments. However, we have the solution to the REST challenge.

With our integration framework Our D9A Kickstart for Integrations, we have built a REST component that enables your Dynamics AX to speak this "new language". In this way, we inject steroids into your Dynamics AX solution - and extend it's lifetime.

With the REST component, you can, for example, be able to work with data collection through your supply chain (IoT), streamline your work with external storage solutions, as well as send data to or from PowerBI, and more.

Benfits of REST for your Dynamics AX

  • Lifetime extension of your Dynamics AX.

  • Ability to implement IoT.

  • With integrations between your solutions, you save time and avoid mistakes.

  • You also get a powerful integration engine that you can use for other Dynamics AX integrations.

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