9A Smart Insights for Dynamics Field Service

9A Smart Insights for Dynamics 365 Field Service analyses and presents service department data quickly and easily, so you always have the best overview of your business.

Improve your insights

With 9A Smart Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you gain insights into the data you already collect in your service business today. With the help of dashboards and reports, you can increase productivity, improve the customer journey and ensure that the customer's problem is solved on the first service visit.

9A Smart Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service ensures that the data you are presented with is always relevant to the context in which you need it. This means you won't be distracted by large piles of data you don't need, but can focus on what's important right now.

With 9A Smart Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service you can:

  • Immerse yourself in data and follow developments using dynamic filtering options.
  • Gain insights into planned service visits and optimise routes, schedules, etc.
  • Reduce the time from service call to customer issue resolution.
  • Gain an overview of service department performance.
  • Go in-depth with customers and sites with just one click.
  • Automate the reports you need.
  • ... and much more!

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Optimize with 9A Smart Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

1. Continuous updates and maintenance

Your 9A Smart Insights solution is always updated and maintained according to the latest updates from Microsoft.

2. Track your business growth
Whether you have a small, medium or large service business today, 9A Smart Insights follows your growth. So you don't have to upgrade your data warehouse as your business grows.
3. Finalised data warehouse
We've already put the work and hours into building the data warehouse. For you, this means you can get started quickly and easily - and save time and money on setup and development.
4. Proven solution
9A Smart Insights is already used by over 350 organisations, so you get a proven solution that you can trust from day 1. That way, you don't risk spending a lot of extra hours after the solution is implemented at your organisation.
5. Dynamics 365 integration
9A Smart Insights integrates directly, easily and quickly with the entire Dynamics platform. It gives you a quick and easy way to visualise data across the entire company.
6. Same data foundation
When 9A Smart Insights is integrated across the organisation, you and your colleagues always work from the same data foundation, meaning that the definitions of KPIs and key figures are common to everyone.
7. Historical overview
With 9A Smart Insights, you don't just get insight into your data here and now. You can log your data so you can see and track your efforts, KPIs and key figures over time.
8. Work with the solution in-house
In addition to always being ready to develop, maintain and help you with your solution, we also offer training in the solution, so you can continue working with the solution internally without necessarily contacting our consultants.

Optimize your Field Services based on data

9A Smart Insights is a unique platform that stores your existing data in a ready-made data warehouse. We've already built the data warehouse based on years of experience, so you can start utilising your data within days. This gives you several benefits:

  • You save time and money on setup and development.
  • It's a tried and tested solution, so you know it works from day 1.
  • The pre-built dashboards are customised to your industry and the KPIs you work with.

With 9A Smart Insights for Field Service, you can get to the bottom of the underlying issues that may exist in your service business. Do your service technicians have the right materials and tools in the vehicle? Can the schedule be streamlined? Find the root cause of your problems and streamline your processes.

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What do you use 9A Smart Insights for?

With 9A Smart Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you collect, store and analyse data from your service business. This can be anything from how your service department is performing to an overview of your planned and future service visits, customers and facilities to insights into the customer journey from call to resolution.
You can use 9A Smart Insights to access and analyse your data sets and present them visually through reports, dashboards, graphs, charts and more. This helps to create the big picture of your service business, so you can increase efficiency and make better data-driven decisions.

Power BI & Dynamics FAQ
Can you combine Power BI with Dynamics without a data platform?
Although it’s possible to combine Power BI with Dynamics without using a data platform, it’s not advisable. Retrieving data from Dynamics requiresexpertise. Manually managing and collecting Dynamics data for Power BI is labor-intensive and prone to errors. Therefore, it is recommended to first collect data on a data platform and then automatically import it into Power BI.
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Isn’t Power BI a self-service BI? Why do I need a partner?

Power BI allows advanced users to maketheir own(additions to) dashboards. But that requires linked data. To linkdata, you needmanpower andexpertise. At9A Smart Insights, we have a large group of experts who complement each otherwhileimplementing your data platform. You get a solid solution that is set up faster. By taking our out-of-the-box solution as a basis, youimmediatelysave100 days of time compared to a‘bare’ implementation.

In‘5 questions for your (intended) Power BI supplier’you can read more about this trade-off.

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What place does the 9A Smart Insights solution take within the Microsoft ecosystem?
We position our solution within the Microsoft ecosystem as the center of an iceberg. Thetip of the iceberg is Power BI. If an employee within your organization creates an analysis, that part is visible. Dynamicsformsthe roots of the same iceberg.9A Smart Insightsislocated between the two parts and thus forms a bridge between the hidden data beneath the waves and the visible peak.
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Why should I choose 9A Smart Insights instead of my usual IT provider?
We specialize in BI. While your usual IT provider is undoubtedly at home in your organization andknowsthe general solutionsrequired, we find that in practice, the requiredexpertise to get the most out of BI is lacking in general parties. We are familiar with the ins-and-outs of Dynamics andarefully at home in the possibilities of Power BI. That is why we get better results in less time.
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Gain insight into your sales department

With a better overview of your sales department, you can get a quick and easy overview of your pipeline.

By having data from your Dynamics 365 Sales solution in a dashboard, you can, for example

  • Gain insight into your pipeline and create a visual overview of your sales opportunities.
  • Visualise the overall performance of your sales department.
  • Go in-depth with your leads with just one.

This way you can quickly and easily get a complete overview of your business.

Are you interested in gaining valuable insights?

Where are the opportunities for your service business and how can you improve the customer experience? These answers can be found in your data.

9A Smart Insights helps you gain insights from your data by combining Power BI with Dynamics. Are you curious to find out what opportunities this offers for your organisation? Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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