Automatic handling of electronic invoices saves time and resources

Distribution and convenience

For TripleNine the opportunity to distribute invoices was crucial when choosing an invoice workflow.

With Our D9A Kickstart for Invoice Processing TripleNine is able to approve invoices across their companies and locations.

TripleNine has a dedicated team of consultants from 9altitudes, who knows the business, the solution and the needs.

TripleNine's gain from the collaboration:

Less manual routines
Faster invoice approvals
Decrease in admin costs
“We wanted an integrated invoice management solution for our Dynamics AX”

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Automated Invoice Approval

On a daily basis TripleNine Group receives invoices, that must be distributed among to their companies and a number of responsible employees.

Previously, there was a lot of time-consuming manual work on handling the many invoices. As the company grew, the time and resources needed only increased. In the choice of solution, it was important that the solution could work for a group set-up.

“The crucial thing is that we can circulate our invoices to the person responsible for the purchase or cost. He/she is the right person to approve, and then it is approved by the right superior”.

This is now controlled via the automatic invoice approval flow in Our D9A Kickstart for Invoice Processing.

Our D9A Kickstart for Invoice Processing is an integrated app

TripleNine did not want to integrate an external system to their Dynamics AX solution. Furthermore they didn't want to expand their current consultancy team with more resources - to 'keep it simple'. It is a poweful advantage to have a designated team of 9altitudes consultants - they know all the processes and the systems.

The collaboration with 9altitudes is great

For TripleNine, it was important that the organization was part of the transition process from paper to digital invoice management. This has provided some new routines which have been anchored in the organization.

“We just contact 9altitudes about ongoing tasks, and describe what the challenge or desire is. 9altitudes is really quick to solve ongoing tasks, and ensures that tasks are solved by our dedicated consultancy team - this is important to us”.

About TripleNine

TripleNine consists of a group of manufacturing and trading companies located in Europe. They employ app 250 people, producing fish meal and oil as primarily animal feed ingredient.

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