How to use IIoT in your product

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be used in many different ways to create value for both your business and your customers. In this article, we look at how you can use IIoT in your products (Smart Connected Products - SCP) to gain insight into how the product is being used, when service is needed, etc.

Challenges for manufacturing companies

In a rapidly evolving business environment, it is crucial that manufacturing companies proactively respond to changes and challenges to stay relevant and thrive. Find out what challenges IIoT can provide a solution for.

Why invest in IIoT for your end products?

Reduce costs

When you are aware of (upcoming) defects in your end product at the customer's site before you leave on maintenance, you are better prepared and can already take any replacement parts with you. Moreover, you can direct the technician with the right knowledge and experience. This makes for more efficient service, which also reduces costs.

Increase sales

When you capture and provide insight into data from your end products, you can optimize your product and provide better service to your customers. This results in satisfied customers who continue to invest.

Increase customer satisfaction

By gaining more insights into your end products, you can optimize your products based on usage/consumption. Furthermore, when an intervention occurs, your service department is often already aware of the problem because they can read the data from the product. This increases your First-Time-Right interventions.

Other business models
Because you can closely monitor the consumption of your end products, it opens doors to new business models such as product-as-a-service. This allows you to offer your products as a service instead of selling them. The customer then pays per consumption.


Product Intelligence
Track your product in real time after it's sold and collect the information you need to improve your product.
Service Optimization
Provide efficient service and, over time, discover the benefits of predictive maintenance.
Product Innovation
Switch to new business models, such as the pay-per-use model.

IIoT can make your service technicians' lives easier

Using IIoT in your products can make you a better partner for your customers. Depending on what you sell and how you choose to use IIoT, your maintenance technicians can remotely service customers, tell them when the product is no longer working efficiently or see what spare parts they should bring with them when they visit the customer. They can also tell customers when it's time for the next service/repair before the customer has any challenges because they can see how much the product has been used.

The above mentioned things will make customers see you as a more proactive partner, this will also increase the distance with your competitors.

Who gets value out of IIoT?

Field service employees

Engineers and service technicians obtain information about what is broken or showing wear before they leave for the customer. This allows them to ensure that they have the right parts with them, can troubleshoot problems remotely if necessary, and if they do arrive on site can fix the problem much faster. IIoT can also be used to see (or predict) when a devices need maintenance.

Research & development

Research & Development is interested in whether your end product is working properly, how customers are using it, and whether they haven't over/under-designed things. Are there "parts" that break down often, and are there new needs from customers/the outside world that need to be considered?


IIoT in your end products can give you and your customers the necessary insights so that, for example, devices can be serviced before they break down and spare parts can be ordered in a timely manner.

Smart Connected Products at work in the 9altitudes Experience Center

We are happy to help you with your IIoT solution

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We can guide you step by step through your IIoT journey. From determining your processes as is, defining your goals, connecting your products, providing insight into the collected data to determining next steps. We make sure that all data is bundled and displayed in a clear way. And that you can take the necessary follow-up steps to take your product to the next level.

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