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"The Experience Center of 9altitudes is the absolute added value for conveying the digital thread concept to customers. This way they can not only see the link between different systems through dashboards, but also experience it live."
Margaux Ver Liefden
Channel Account Manager Benelux PTC

Experience relevant scenarios for your organization

At 9altitudes, we want to inspire our clients and work with them to develop relevant and tangible use cases.

After all, the goal of digital innovation at 9altitudes is to translate the latest technologies and platforms that everyone often talks about, but of which it is not always clear what the added value is for you as an organization, into practical use cases that are recognizable for our clients.

We do this by means of small, manageable proof of concepts that have a minimal impact on the day-to-day operations of your organization, but which have the result that you get an immediate insight into the possible optimizations or even new revenue streams that you can capitalize on in the near or distant future.

Diederick Hallynck

Go To Market Director

9altitudes is your ideal partner because we start not so much from the technology an sich, but from our clients' business. We know the industries our clients operate in and the processes that are relevant. We use that knowledge to guide our clients in the choices of technology and platforms to create the most added value.

The Experience Center at our headquarters in Kortrijk is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy. Discover and experience relevant scenarios for organizations active in manufacturing & services based on real needs and opportunities worked out in co-creation with our customer Tobroco and using the platforms and technological components of our key partners Microsoft and PTC.

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Together with Microsoft, we offer a customized discovery session to the first 3 customers who contact us. Together we will explore concretely how the examples from our Experience Center, as well as other innovative technologies, translate into use cases for your own organization.

- The why, what and how of digital innovation
- Live demo of use cases at our client Tobroco
- Discovery session guided by 9altitudes and Microsoft

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