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The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving with new trends from the market. Only by fully taking a step into the transition to Industry 4.0 can manufacturing companies remain competitive and survive in this global market. 

Your path towards industry 4.0

9altitudes has +750 references in the manufacturing sector where we have defined 3 main categories:

Discrete manufacturing is a type of production that combines materials in a structured way in order to make a distinct product in series, that can be dis-assembled.

Project-based manufacturing is characterized by the complexity and uniqueness of the products. Each customer has a specific need, which means that each new assignment is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

Process manufacturing refers to companies that work with formulas and manufacturing recipes. This industry is often related to food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical or even biotechnology industries.

Challenges in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies have to face many specific challenges in order to face the challenges of tomorrow's world. New technologies offer endless possibilities in order to build a path toward industry 4.0.

Reduced time-to-market

Faster time-to-market has a positive impact on customer relation, even if it means more challenges to overcome in terms of design deadlines and manufacturing processes.

Customized products

The growing personalization of products matches the strong and increasing market demand. This involves more product configurations and complexity to manage.

Evolution of business models

The world more and more becomes a service-related market, and not just a product-related one: new customer culture, pay-per-use model… so many new trends that impact modern industries.

Cost optimization

As the worlwide market is more and more aggressive, manufacturing companies need to be able to provide the best prices for their products. Companies need to be able to adapt their design, production and field services activities based on real-time insights.

Green manufacturing

Not only providing the best products and services is important. Manufacturing companies need to take into account CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by being proactive in terms of social and environmental concerns.

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