Structure your documents across the entire business

  • 14/02/2023

You probably know it way too well. Documents flow all over your company, and you probably also have your own structure for how you store your documents. But what would it mean for your company if everyone could access the same documents across departments?

When everyone has the opportunity to easily access the same documents across the entire company, both you and your colleagues can save a lot of time. A structured document management makes it both easier and faster to find exactly the documents you need in the situation in question. 9A Raptor Document Warehouse ensures that you do not spend a lot of time looking for each individual document - incl. documents that you don't even have access to. A lot of time that you could spend on other, more value-creating tasks.

Time consumption is one thing, but there are also other consequences if you don't have control over your documents. Have you for example ever experienced that you have accidentally sent an incorrect or outdated document to your customer? With structured and flexible document management, you ensure that your customers actually receive the correct and up-to-date documents. 9A Raptor Document Warehouse is fully integrated with the systems you work with in your company. So you no longer have to think about which system you store your documents in or who should have access to these documents.

For you, this means, among other things that your documents always follow the processes in your company. No more searching in vain for a document that you saved in Dynamics 365 for Field Service while working in Dynamics 365 for Finance, Dynamics 365 Business Central or e.g., Teams. You can always access the documents you need in exactly the system you are working in.

Manage your documents across systems

But the fact that you can always access your documents across the systems you work with is only the tip of the iceberg. 9A Raptor Document Warehouse also helps you manage your documents across other systems - you can e.g. easily integrate with Teams and SharePoint. In this way, you can make sure that your documents follow the processes and flow in your company. Both you and your colleagues always have the opportunity to continue working with the documents - regardless of where you are in the process.

When 9A Raptor Document Warehouse is integrated with Teams or SharePoint, you still work in the program that you are used to. It just becomes a little easier, faster and more flexible to work with.

For you, this also means that 9A Raptor Document Warehouse works across the entire company - and only your imagination sets limits on which document types you can share:

  • Finance: Purchase and sales invoices, expense overview, ...
  • Procurement: Purchase agreement, purchase orders, sales contracts, certificates, ...
  • Production: BoM's, product specifications, quality reports, ...
  • Sales: Offers, orders, invoices, customers, ...
  • HR: Contracts, procedures, templates, GDPR, ...
  • And much more.

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