9A Productivity Suite

Get the best insight and overview of your incoming, ongoing, and outgoing business documents across the entire company.

How do you manage your business documents?

Managing documents across the company is one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing companies. The manual handling of invoices, the constant search for the right documents - to ultimately send the documents off in the wrong format. All very time-consuming processes, but it can also result in more errors, increased expenses and dissatisfied customers.

9A Productivity Suite is a set of intelligent solutions, developed by 9altitudes and based on years of industry experience. The combination of the different, carefully selected components means that every department across the company (from sales and marketing over production, design, finance, and executives) can get the necessary overview of the business documents.

You will be able to:

Gather and bring structure to all documents

With a central omnichannel hub, you bring structure to these documents and make them immediately accessible. 

Enhance your outgoing documents

Automate your documents and send them to the right person at the right time and in the right format  - every time. 

Cover your entire EDI process

Keep track of your incoming and outgoing EDI flows with end-2-end flow integration. 

Automate your purchase invoice flow

Streamline your electronic invoice management covering the entire purchase to pay process. 

Use AI for your document processing

Use AI to subtract information from your business documents for automatic document type and text recognition. 

Easily improve the design of your outgoing documents

Make your own design corrections and use them immediately - without the help of consultants. 

Aminolabs centralized their data

Aminolabs is a manufacturer of sports and health nutrition in form of powders, tablets, and capsules. They needed an integrated ERP solution that would allow them to centralize data, and ensure that all business documents are available for the right people within the company in the right places and at the right time. 

"We already noticed that the flow of information between departments is much smoother" - Tina Knaepen, IT Manager

Which solutions are included in 9A Productivity Suite?

9A Document Creation & Distribution

9A Document Creation & Distribution is an Output Management tool that automates the different requirements concerning layout and content of your documents. Automate the distribution of your outgoing documents, and enhance the way you deliver. 

9A Raptor Document Warehouse

9A Raptor Document Warehouse is an intelligent solution that consolidates documents across business applications such as PLM, ERP, CRM or any other application and brings structure to those documents. 

Our D9A Kickstart for Invoice Processing

Our D9A Kickstart for Invoice Processing is an invoice solution that allows you to scan invoices, extract information, and prepare it for matching and approval. 


9A EDI is an end-2-end solution covering both the in- and outgoing electronic messages (e.g. invoices, purchases, sales orders, ...) in your company. Also it includes a public access point to allow easy and out-of-the-box communication with suppliers and customers. 

Document Processing with AI

Document Processing with AI is a solution that recognizes your documents and subtracts the information to make sure these documents are placed correctly in the 9A Omnichannel Document Warehouse.

9A Extended Banking

Improve your financial operations by seamlessly integrating your bank account with your ERP system. Our 9A Extended Banking app optimizes reconciliation processes, improves efficiency and streamlines your financial workflows.

Discover more
9A developed solutions

Did you know, that there exists more then 9 different solutions developed by 9altitudes? They are well-tested solutions that add value to your business by extending the functionality of strong solutions from PTC and/or Microsoft.

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