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Engineering: The foundation of innovation

Engineering - a crucial part of your business

[Introduction to engineering]


Common Challenges in engineering:

Getting the right information at hand

[New explanation text and icon missing]

Long review processes

= lack of visualization options [New explanation text and icon missing]

Lack of structured information sharing

People asking too many questions [New explanation text and icon missing]

Controlling versions and variations of designs

[New explanation text and icon missing]

Connect your engineering-department with the rest of the organization

[How can the engineering department benefit from the digital common thread? Please link it to the challenges mentioned above]

Streamline your engineering department

With the right foundation of business applications, you can .... [continue]

Dive deeper in the solution you are looking for:

Utilize IoT data in your product development

[Is it relevant to link to ThingWorx here?]

Smart sustainability

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