PTC Mathcad Prime

Mathcad Prime is the best-selling solution for companies that want to verify and validate engineering calculations in top quality. With Mathcad Prime, you get a professional, yet easy-to-use and intuitive tool for your technical calculations. Read more about Mathcad Prime on this page and contact us for licenses, support, administration, and training for your Mathcad needs.

The perfect tool for your calculations

PTC Mathcad Prime is a unique solution for solving, analyzing, documenting and sharing your engineering calculations quickly and easily. The user-friendly interface allows engineers and construction teams to capture and communicate critical knowledge.

Document your calculations in a technical textbook with natural, mathematical symbols. Present your work using numerous formatting options along with graphs, text and images in one single, professionally formatted document.

With Mathcad Prime, your mathematical calculations are presented in a visual and intuitive way that makes it easy to define, understand and manipulate the technical calculations with a user interface similar to a whiteboard.

In contrast to e.g. Excel, which requires many compromises to make the calculations fit into the cell format of the spreadsheet, a worksheet in Mathcad Prime is significantly easier to find your way around - even when you have not formulated the calculations yourself.

Benefits of Mathcad Prime

With Mathcad Prime, you get the capabilities that neither spreadsheets, word processors, presentation software nor programming applications can: It sets up complicated, technical calculations in a user-friendly format. Integrate these easy-to-use calculations with graphics, text and images in one simple and professionally presented interactive document.

Consistent unit system

In Mathcad Prime, consistency is ensured all the way through the calculations in relation to the selected unit system – e.g. SI.

Complete documentation

Present your calculations and designs by integrating real-time updated calculations, text, graphics, and images into a single document.


The Excel component is an Excel sheet embedded in your Mathcad spreadsheet. By double-clicking on the component, you can create your spreadsheet as you normally would in Excel. When you close the component, all your work is saved in Mathcad.


Create templates that include all the content you need in a standard file and use them as the basis for new worksheets. It can, for example, be a spreadsheet for technical specifications.

Advanced numeric notation

Mathcad Prime allows you to write mathematical expressions and equations exactly as you would read and write them in any textbook. It strengthens the cooperation between the construction department and the company's other departments.

3D graphics

Many complex models require 3D views to provide a better understanding of construction and data. Create 3D polar, contour and surface graphics.

Numerical and symbolic calculations

Mathcad Prime automates the process of integrating numerical and symbolic calculations. That way, you can visually see the formula even before entering the relevant values.


Write and integrate your own functions and customize the environment to suit your needs. You have unlimited options to define your own functions.

What you get with Mathcad Prime:

Natural math notation

Get easy access to math notations and symbols that make constructing equations simple. Enter equations exactly as they appear in a reference book, with the ability to use both English and Greek characters in standard math operations. Simplify your mathematical writing and create clear and precise equations with Mathcad Prime.

Intelligent units system

Mathcad Prime enables automatic recognition and conversion to uniform units, eliminating errors in unit conversion and rounding. Automate conversions between the imperial and metric systems and customize with custom units.

Advanced mathematical expressions

Mathcad Prime comes with +700 built-in math functions for both numerical and symbolic math. This makes it possible to solve a wide range of mathematical problems, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations and much more. The symbolic properties help eliminate errors when performing complex calculations.


Mathcad is not just an ordinary calculator; instead, it is a technical notebook that lets you combine text, math, graphics and annotations in a single spreadsheet.

Examples of functionality...

... for mechanics and thermodynamics

  • Speeds and sizing
  • Power calculations
  • Torque and speed calculations
  • Heat release
  • Friction
  • Dynamic systems
  • Engine systems
  • Springs
  • Systems of linear/non-linear equations.

... for construction

  • Tensions and strains
  • Deformation calculations
  • Loads resulting from earthquakes or wind impact
  • Traditional beam analysis
  • Heating and cooling
  • Energy exchange by heat radiation
  • Cross-sectional properties of laminate.

... for electromechanical disciplines

  • Equivalent impedance and conductivity
  • Signal propagation
  • Filter design
  • AC/DC circuit analyses
  • Transform dimensioning
  • Filtering of audio and image signals for special handling of selected frequency ranges.

Webinar: Intro to Mathcad Prime

In the webinar, our CAD and Mathcad Prime expert, Jan Claeys, gives you the insight into Mathcad Prime that you need.

Get practical insight into the biggest and strongest advantages of Mathcad Prime, how the tool works and how you can work with it in your business. The topics for this webinar include:

  • Introduction to Mathcad Prime
  • Demo of functionalities and options
  • The interaction between Mathcad Prime and Creo Parametric

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